Power sector should be privatised – UFP's Odike

Akwasi Addai Odike, leader of the United Front Party (UFP), and a businessman has said government should privatize the entire power sector to make it more effective.
Speaking on the Adeakye Abia morning show on Kessben Television, Akwasi Odike said privatizing power generation, distribution and tariffs will solve the current energy crisis.
Citing the privatization of Ghana Telecom as an example, Mr Odike said Ghana Telecom was on the verge of collapse until it was given to a private entity to manage and now it is doing well.
“(The) Public Utility Regulatory Committee (PURC) should be shut down because no private businessperson would want to invest in an area where someone will be determining his prices for them,” he added.
He further explained that the number of people interested in venturing into the power sector for business is overwhelming and that government should totally withdraw from the power sector and all issues regarding illegal connections, unpaid debts and dumsor dumsor would stop immediately.
“Privatizing ECG alone will partially solve the problem, privatize the entire power sector and let them determine their prices per their production cost, take your tax and the sector will do well,” Mr Odike said.
He emphasized that government-run institutions are not doing too well, so government should privatize them all, including NHIS.

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