Two sustain injuries in Starbow emergency landing

Two passengers sustained injuries during the evacuation process after a Takoradi-bound Starbow flight was forced to make an emergency landing on Tuesday.
One of the passengers said 20 minutes into the flight, the pilot told them the aircraft had developed a fault and so they had to return to the Kotoko International Airport (KIA).
According to him, on their return to Accra they were told the passengers had to be evacuated. It was through the process of evacuation that the two people sustained the injuries.
“We got back to Accra in about 15 minutes. The landing wasn’t that perfect and the plane was wobbly a bit and the sound of the engine wasn’t good.
“We were told to be calm and that there was fire service personnel and other emergency personnel all around [to keep us safe]. So they told us to evacuate.
“During the evacuation process the injuries occured,” he narrated.
He said the injured individuals were taken to the hospital.
“It has been very traumatic, a bit chaotic and I don’t wish it on anybody,” he added.
Starbow’s Chief Executive Officer James E. Antwi confirmed the accident in an interview with Joy News.
He attributed the accident to a “hydraulic fault” which could not have been detected before the flight took off.
“In this situation, it is like an accident. Something happens. It can be a pipe that is fractured, a leakage to a tank. It happens.
“We do normal check-ups before we take off but things happen,” he said.
Mr Antwi added that they are making provisions to fly the passengers tomorrow but those who wish to go by road tonight would have their monies refunded to them.
This is the second time in about two months, the airline has made an emergency landing but the CEO said it was only coincidental and that they adhere to safety standards as much as possible.
Source: Joy News

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