Rains flood Kejetia's gaping potholes

A late night downpour in the Kejetia Traffic area in the heart of Kumasi has led to pools of water settling in the numerous gaping pot holes that have developed in the middle of the road.
The potholes are now referred to fondly by drivers as “Kojo Bonsu fish ponds”, named after Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly Chief Executive Kojo Bonsu.
The deep holes, which have been there for months, have caused severe damage to the road surface, making it difficult for drivers to drive through.
Meanwhile, drivers plying the South Junction – Bekwai Roundabout road complained bitterly about a heap of sand which has been abandoned at the intersection with the main road. It has worsened their plight because it makes it impossible for them to see from afar when approaching that portion of the road.
Residents in the area find the situation disturbing because the pool of water that has settled there has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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