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Over-crowding in Aputuogya school forces students to study under trees

Overcrowding in the Aputuogya D/A primary school in the Bosumtwi District of the Ashanti Region has left some students with no option than to study under trees.
The pupils sometimes carry chairs from other classrooms to study under a shed-like structure made from trees.
Seven classes are studying under trees, and the only thing that separates the classes under trees from the main road and the Aputuogya main lorry terminal is a gutter.
When the Kessben TV news team visited the school, the students were on a break and the teachers who spoke off camera said they find it difficult teaching almost 200 students in one classroom.
They said they would even divide one class into six groups: meaning primary six may have 6a- 6f, with 45 to 50 students in each group.
The district education director Williams Awuni admitted they have problems but said they were currently undertaking a regional exercise and could not comment further on the issue at the time.
Aputuogya D/A primary school is about three kilometers from the Bosumtwi district capital, Kuntunase, and about four kilometers from Kumasi, the regional capital.

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