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POTAG may strike over tier two pension fund

The Polytechnic Teachers Association Ghana (POTAG) has said it will hold government to their agreement on the tier two pension fund.
POTAG’s Ashanti regional chairman Mr Edmund Oppong Peprah said government has not talked about their conditions of service for seven years. The one that concerns them most is the tier two pension scheme.
The two tier pension scheme provides for mandatory contributions from the employee and the employer, but the funds are managed by a private funds manager or trustee approved by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority.
Mr Peprah said POTAG would use all possible means to get access to their funds.
This comes after 16 weeks of strike action by polytechnic teachers across the country over government’s decision to stop the payment of book and research allowances to teachers.
The teachers agreed a deal with government on August 26 and some polytechnics reopened on September 1, with all others scheduled to open by the end of this week.

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