Kwaisey Pee bounces back with two singles

After going on a break for three years, hi-life artiste, Kwaisey Pee, is out with two singles which he released on Monday off his coming album scheduled for release in December.
The songs, “Okum kom” and “Menfa Ntwen?” feature Ghanaian rapper Guru and Nigerian artise J Martins respectively.
“Menfa Ntwen” produced by Kaywa is a fuse of hi-life, Alkayida and Azonto rhythms.
Kwaisey Pee kept his style on the song while J Martins used some Nigerian dialect slang slang in their Nigerian dialect to make it lively.
According to Kwaisey Pee, he used J Martins because of the success he has chalked ever since he got into music and he did not disappoint him.
“I decided to use J Martin because I have followed his works and I know the talent that he possesses so it was just right for us to do something together. Another reason is that it is to help foster the already existing relationship between Ghanaians and Nigerians,” he said.
The song talks about the kind of promises partners make to each other especially when they are leaving for school or traveling out of the country and sometimes they forget they left their partners behind.
Due to this reason, it is always right to ask and get re-assurance from your partner that he or she will come back to you hence the title “Menfa Ntwen?” which literally means “should I wait for you with it” where the “it” can be a promissory ring, beauty or property.
This song according to him cuts across all age groups and the use of Akan proverbs shows that he has not forgotten his roots and still has the Ghanaian culture in him.
“Okum kum” which features upcoming artiste, Yaya, and Guru has a slow and fast pattern that runs throughout the song.
Commenting on his absence for three years, he said; “I took time off to research and study the system so I can catch up with what the trend is and I am back for good.”
Source: Graphic Online

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