Stop eating from the nation's coffers – Rev. Emmanuel Asante

The presiding bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, Right Reverend Prof Emmanuel Asante, has asked the managers of the country’s economy to stop eating from the nation’s coffers.
Rev. Asante said the money is meant for the nation’s development and the well-being of Ghanaians, not any individual.
“The church will do its best to pray for the nation but that alone is not enough,” he said.
Rt Rev Asante made a passionate appeal to the president to stand up for what is right and help fight corruption which has become a canker in the country.
Rt Rev Asante was speaking to Kessben Television during the church’s 46th conference in Kumasi.
The presiding bishop called on government to protect national funds and put measures in place for Ghanaians to have a fair share of the national cake.
“These are trying times we all admit, but with God, Ghana will sail through,” he said.

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