Cristiano Ronaldo Jr does not know who his mum is

Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, Cristiano Jr, reportedly doesn’t know who his mother is and the family don’t want him to ever know.
The mother of Cristiano Jr, who was born in 2010, has never been revealed and according to reports Ronaldo’s sister confirmed the family have no intention of telling him the truth.
“Once we told him she was in Heaven, but my brother and mum asked us not to repeat it,” she said as quoted by Eurosport.
“We say now his mum went travelling. He goes silent, forgets about it and doesn’t ask anymore.”
Ronaldo had the child with an unknown woman, reported by various sources to be a surrogate, four years ago.
The latest revelation comes after Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores Aveiro, who looks after the boy often referred to as Cristianinho, released an official biography.
Ronaldo’s mother confirmed in the book that she travelled to the US to pick up Cristiano Jr after his birth in 2010 and said, “The mum will never be known.”
However, Ronaldo’s sister allegedly claimed that, “If later on Cristianinho wants to know who his biological mum is, it will be his decision and no one’s going to stop it.”

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