Brazil man could be the oldest in the world

According to his birth certificate, Aguinelo Jose dos Santos is the oldest person who has ever been documented. But to be very sure, the manager of the retirement home where he lives in Brazil wants to conduct a “carbon-14” test to determine his exact age.
Brazil was not only the venue for the World Cup, it might also be home to the oldest man who ever lived. Aguinelo Jose dos Santos is allegedly 126 years old and lives in a retirement home in the Brazilian city of Bauru.
His health is described as perfectly good and he no high cholesterol nor high blood pressure. However, Aguinelo Jose dos Santos has smoked for 50 years, and does not bathe regularly.
Aguinelo Jose dos Santos got his birth certificate just last month – he has lived without a single personal identification document to his name. To find out his age, he was interviewed by a team of experts about his earliest memories.
He could describe exactly in detail what happened after the abolition of slavery in 1888. According to him his father was a slave.

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