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I’m Rock Of Gibraltar Nobody Can Destool Me-Daasebre

The Omanhene of New Juaben, Daasebre Prof. Oti Boateng says he is traditionally strong as the rock of Gibraltar, therefore, calls it a bluff attempts made by ten sub-chiefs to destool him as the Omanhene of New Juaben Traditional area.
He said nobody or group of disgruntled sub-chiefs can destool him, adding that the New Juaben State Council will continue to uphold the sanctity of the stool and deal with any chief who shows gross misconduct to the stool.
Daasebre Oti Boateng said this in an interview with the Daily Heritage in Koforidua after then aggrieved Chiefs of the New Juaben traditional area on Monday invoked the great oath, Nantehene on the Omanhene not to hold himself as paramount Chief.
To seal the invocation of the sacred oath, a ram was slaughtered by the Chiefs led by Baffuor Akwasi Adarkwa II, Abisimhene of New Juaben and the thigh of the slaughtered ram was sent to eh Omanhene signifying his destoolment even though the Omanhene rejected it.
According to the Chiefs, Daasebre Oti Boateng has opportunity to also invoke the same great oath to acquit and discharge himself from the allegations leveled against him if he is not guilty.
The decision is to prompt the Asantehene to summon the two factions to the Manhyia Palace to commence hearing of the dispute. Last year, similar attempt was made by the same chiefs to invoke the great oath on the Omanhene, but was foiled by the Police at Daasebre’s Palace having embarked on series of press conferences, demonstrations, and petitions.
The Chiefs prior before their action held a press conference and accused Daasebre Oti Boateng of being dictatorial and witch hunting his sub-chiefs by melting out suspensions on over ten sub-chiefs in the traditional area on maters without merit.
This according to them is a breach to the oath sworn by Daasebre and complete violation of traditions and customs bringing the New Juaben Stool to public ridicule, hence, the need to invoke the great oath as their last resort to get him destooled.
In a related development, the head of Agona Family, Elders and Kingsmakers of Amakye Ansah stool being the authentic royals of the Abesim Family of Koforidua, old Tafo and Akokoaso, led by Abusuapanyin Oduro Aborokwa also invoked the great oath at the Omanhene’s palace destooling the Abesimhene, Baffuor Akwasi Adarkwa II explaining that, he is not a member of the Abesim royal Family, hence, cannot hold himself as Abesimhene.
Source: The Daily Heritage

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