Clueless Mahama gov’t is behaving like Beyonce-Abu Ramadan

The National Youth Organizer of the Peoples National Convention (PNC), Abu Ramadan has likened the Mahama government’s level of spending to that of American hip pop artistes Beyonce and Lil Wayne.
According to Abu Ramadan the government is spending recklessly like “Beyonce” who has no priority with how to spend her hard earned money.
Speaking on Asempa Fm’s Ekosii-Sen on Friday, Abu Ramadan flayed government for a proposed tax on condoms and farm inputs, insisting, government is clueless about how to manage the economy.
“I think the government is clueless. It is just behaving like a Beyonce or Lil Wayne who does not know what to use money for and spending recklessly” he bellowed.
The member of pro-opposition pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), claimed the government is confused and does not know the button to punch in order to get results.
“Spending GHC15million on phantom guinea fowl project, GHC33 million planting trees during dry seasons among others,… I think the government is at a loss and doesn’t even know [which] button to punch to get results”.
He accused government of “robbing Peter to pay Paul” by taxing poor people without using it to their advantage. “The government is taxing the poor to the advantage of the rich. What the government knows is to tax condoms, cutlasses, and others which the poor benefits from.
“This tactic is robbing Peter to pay Paul and this has been the bad management [practices] of the NDC administration we are talking about. They inherited a petrol price of GHC3.20.00 but it is now GHC10.00. What kind of government is this?”
Source: Asempa News

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