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Dr Mensah Otabil: I Sense Evil Coming On Ghana…

The General Overseer of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Dr. Mensa Anamua Otabil says he can sense evil befalling Ghana within the next one month if Christians do not wake up and pray for the country.
“I have a sense of heaviness in my spirit concerning the destiny of this country that there is something heavy ready to fall upon this country that if we don’t take charge of that we will be in a different state a month from now,” he stated in his sermon to the congregation at Christ Temple on Sunday July 14, 2013.
Dr. Otabil’s statement is not the first from a man of God concerning what could happen in this country this year, particularly as a result of the verdict from the ongoing presidential petition in the Supreme Court.
Dr. Otabil did not specifically mention that his heaviness has anything to do with the ongoing Supreme Court case, but he warned that Christians needed to rise up and pray otherwise the destiny of this country would change within a month.
He urged that the destiny of this country should not be left in the hands of politicians, presidents, parliamentarians, ministers, serial callers and political party communicators, but Christians should take charge of the country’s destiny to ensure that the peace and prosperity of the country is secured.
Dr. Otabil called on Christians to learn from Elijah in the Bible, who prayed earnestly for the destiny of his country and made declarations, which came to pass because he prayed and spoke with divine authority.
“We need to take note that Elijah was just like us and he came from Tishbi, which is a village not found on any map till date – but because he prayed earnestly he was able to make a declaration about the destiny of his country and his declaration shaped the destiny of his country,” he said.
On the back of that message, Dr. Otabil led his congregation in a passionate prayer for Ghana, after which he made even more passionate and positive declarations about the destiny of Ghana.
He screamed repeatedly: “We make these declarations – there shall be no civil war in Ghana…there will be no military takeover in Ghana…there will be no bloodshed in Ghana…there will be no coup d’etat…there will be peace in Ghana…the land shall have peace and rest…there will be prosperity in Ghana…abundance in the name of Jesus.”
Dr. Otabil also charged all churches to pray that there will be no war in Ghana and that people will not be displaced and that the peace of God will continue to reign in Ghana.
Source: Adom News

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