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More Chinese nationals to be repatriated

About 75 more Chinese nationals are expected to be repatriated by the end of the month after appearing before an Accra High Court.
This would add up to the 80 persons already repatriated for illegally engaging in small-scale mining activities.
The Ghana Immigration Service has since been making many more arrests in subsequent operations.
The Head of Public Affairs at the Immigration Service, Francis Palmdeti, told Joy News, they have initiated the processes to send all Chinese migrants engaged in illegal mining back to their country.
“As I speak the administrative procedures have been done, notice to leave has been prepared. What we now need is for the individuals to produce the [ir] tickets and then they will be out [of the country],” Francis Palmdeti stated.
There have been concerns about such foreigners abusing the country’s mining laws by even going to the extent of shooting and killing local people who cross their paths.
The latest display of such impunity occurred in Obuasi last Wednesday, when a group of Chinese small-scale miners were alleged to have shot and killed two Ghanaians over a disputed land at Mamiriwa, a village near Obuasi.
Source: Joy News

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