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EC’s Diabolical Plot Exposed ……

The Electoral Commission’s plans to present the 2012 general elections as credible was on Thursday exposed by the Temporary Booth, Nanyeri, EC Presiding Officer, Evans Issahaku, after he refused to sign an affidavit presented to him by the Gambaga District Electoral officer, 10 clear days after the commencement of the hearing of the election petition brought before the Supreme Court by three leading members of the NPP.
The Temporary Booth, Nanyeri, polling station is one of the 4 polling stations in the Nalerigu-Gambaga constituency, for which evidence has been submitted by Dr Bawumia, whose results were annulled by the Electoral Commission because some people voted without biometric verification.
The New Statesman can confirm that the Gambaga District EC officer, Bismark Prempeh, yesterday called Mr Evans Iddrisu, a student at the Pusiga Training College, to come to his home in Gambaga, ostensibly for a visit.
Upon his arrival at Mr Prempeh’s home, Mr Iddrisu’s was presented with an affidavit to append his signature on. Mr Iddrisu, after perusing the document and realizing it was that which was to be presented as evidence in the ongoing presidential election petition, declined.
According to Peter Wuni, the 2012 NPP parliamentary candidate for the constituency, who spoke to the paper on this issue, Mr Iddrisu reported the incident to the police, with the understanding that what the EC wanted him to do was an illegality.
The EC officer has been invited for questioning by the Police.
Mr Wuni was, however, unsure if the EC had succeeded in convincing the 3 other Presiding Officers of the polling stations whose results were annulled because of voting without biometric verification to sign affidavits after the commencement of the case.
The other three polling stations whose voters voted without biometric verification, and as a result had their results annulled, according to the evidence presented by Dr Bawumia include: Police Station, Langbinsi where one person voted without biometric verification; Temporary Booth, Bongniwhere one person voted without biometric verification; and District Assembly Primary School, Kulgona, where two people voted without biometric verification.
Thus far, the EC has attributed “administrative errors” as reason for Presiding Officers indicating that some persons, indeed, voted without biometric verification.
Source: The New Statesman/Ghana

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