I Was Disappointed Not To Be Nominated; But…. – Samuel Ofosu Ampofo

The former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has expressed disappointment at the fact that he was sidelined by President John Dramani Mahama when the latter named his list of ministerial appointees.
According to him, though he could not get a second chance in the ministerial team, he is not “discouraged” and committed to serving the current administration.
He pledged his support for the Mahama-led government and hoped the government succeeds in continuing the Better Ghana Agenda.
“I was disappointed but not discouraged because I thought that we have a lot of people in the NDC. We have very capable men and women who can do the work at anytime. And so, if the President in his wisdom decided to select some people to propagate the Better Ghana Agenda, we all need to support them with our prayers and whatever we can in order to push the agenda forward and succeed in bringing Ghana to the expected end,” he said in an interview with Radio Gold on Monday.
“Winning the election alone and putting President Mahama to continue the agenda, excites me and so, I’m not a bitter person at all. I thank God so much even for the life that he has given and for the opportunity given to the NDC to continue to govern this country,” he further stated.
The disappointed Minister also denied reports that he would be vying for the position of a Chairman in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).
He was of the view that the current state of the party does not call for such reports since it has never been his idea to contest the Chairmanship.
To him, the party should concentrate on the Presidential election dispute before the Supreme Court.
“I have for now not taken any decision to contest any position. I think it is too early. I was of the opinion that this the time that the party has just won elections and we are faced with a number of challenges. And again, even including the challenges that are ahead of us as far Supreme Court judgement is concerned. I’m very confident that the NPP has no case but I still think that we need to pull together. Congress is far away and I do not think this the time people should come and try to paint people black…I do not think that we need to factionalize the party at all. What we need to do is to come together to pull our resources together,” he stressed.
Source: Peacefmonline

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