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Fake Chinese condoms hit Ghanaian market

Research is clear about the efficacy of condoms and it effectiveness against sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies.
Because of the critical importance of condoms, it is a worrying phenomenon when substandard and unapproved products enter the Ghanaian market.
The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Monday alerted the public that it had seized a large consignment of poor quality and substandard BE SAFE condoms imported from China.
The packaging of the product has no manufacturer’s name and address but only an inscription- Manufactured in P.R.C.
The FDA in a press handout copied to the GNA said seven batches of the Be Safe condoms failed to meet quality standards when tested at the FDA’s Medical Devices Laboratories.
The condoms were found to contain visible holes and burst easily under pressure and thus can easily break during sex.
It said users were at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS and having unwanted pregnancies and that the poor quality Be Safe condoms were also of smaller-than-normal size and not adequately lubricated.
The failed condoms have the following batch numbers: CQ20124734, CQ20124735, CQ20124739, CQ20124751, CQ20124753, CQ20124761 and CQ20124791.
It however said that there has always been quality and good BE SAFE condoms on the market but cautioned the general public against the use of the above mentioned batches of Be Safe Condoms.
It appealed to any facility having stocks of the affected batches of Be Safe to hand them over to the nearest office of FDA for safe disposal.
“The FDA assures the public of continued vigilance in its enforcement activity to promote public health and safety and appealed to the general public to provide information on individuals suspected of endangering public health and safety through any of the following contacts: 0244337235, 0208204968, 0244571563 or 0246809509”.
Source: GNA

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