Ban motorbike movements on election day – Former IGP

A Former Inspector General of Police, Mr P. K. Acheampong has called for a total ban on the movement of all motorbikes on election day.
He said watching their display and behaviour during political rallies was a clear indication that they might misbehave or create problems during the elections.
Speaking to graphic.com.gh in an interview in Accra, the former IGP indicated that much as he appreciates the fact that motorbikes have been advised not to go near any polling station on election day, their total ban on that day would ensure peaceful elections.
He said a number of these motor riders do not also use helmets and they operate on the roads disregarding road safety regulations.
Mr Acheampong said with the level of preparedness of the security agencies to ensure a peaceful election come Friday, December 7, 2012 there would surely be peace before, during and after the elections.
According to him all the top echelons of the security agencies had done at least 25 years or more rendering dedicated service to mother Ghana under different regimes and presidents and will rise again to ensure that Ghana comes out of the upcoming elections victorious.
He advised the youth not to allow themselves to be use for any illegal activities that will later land them in jail as the long hands of the law will surely catch up on all wrong doers even if it take years they will definitely pay for their sins if not locally then internationally.
He said people who perpetuate crimes in countries like Germany, Argentina, Chile, Uganda, Kenya, Cote d Ivoire among others were called upon years after the acts to come and answer for their actions and this should serve as a guide to people to strive for peace at all times.
He advised all the young security personnel who disregard authority and while on the grounds decide to do their own thing to think again because their bosses, the heads of the various security agencies had a reputation and integrity to protect and would deal drastically with personnel whose action or inactions would bring the service into disrepute.
The former IGP asserted that intelligence so far gathered indicated that some political parties have organised some boys in identifiable uniforms with the sole aim of creating havoc in the various strongholds of political parties and advised that Ghana does not belong to one person but to all of us and “ we have to guard it even at the peril of our lives to ensure that we live in peace at all times.
He appealed to the National Security Co-ordinator, Lt Col (retd) Larry Gbevlo Lartey to call those boys to order before December 7, to ensure that they do not do anything that will mar the peace during the elections.
He appealed to all Ghanaians from all walks of life to act peacefully on election day and have it at the back of their minds that Ghana was a great nation which has come out of elections successfully and will come out tops this time round and victory will surely be for Ghanaians.
‘We will show the whole world in general and Africa in particular that we are matured in our democracy and are a beacon of hope for Africa”, he said.
Source: Daily Graphic/Ghana

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