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Tony Aidoo threatens court action over Ford Expedition allegation

The head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency, Dr Tony Aidoo is threatening court action against the opposition New Patriotic Party which is accusing him of looting state property.
The party’s Deputy Director of Communication Sammy Awuku at a press conference on Wednesday alleged that Dr Aidoo had bought a state vehicle at a paltry sum of 6,200 cedis.
He said “If a Ford Expedition vehicle with impeccable servicing history and part of President Kufuor fleet of cars as a president could be sold at for a paltry sum of 6,200 cedis only God knows how much they have sold other state assets to themselves.”
“It is clear that the action of Dr. Tony Aidoo constitutes thievery of the highest order,” he alleged.
Awuku later told Joy News Dr Aidoo breached all procedures in his purchase of the vehicle.
“There is a procedure at the Castle. When the Director of Transport at the Castle realizes that some cars are faulty, mechanically or technically what they do is that they write to the Chief Director at the Castle attaching their report and the basis for recommendation. This was not done.
“Afterwards the Chief Director will then have to forward that document to the Chief of Staff and when it is auctioned people place in bids.”
He said Dr Aidoo, “an apostle of integrity. Somebody who has taken almost every clergy man and opponent of his to the cleaners,” will not even follow due process? he asked.
But Tony Aidoo is livid at the accusation.
He conceded the vehicle was bought at 6,200 cedis but was not in the best of shapes as the NPP would have the world believe.
He also insisted he followed due process in the purchase of the vehicle and challenged anyone with contrary information to meet him in court.
“If they claim the procedure was breached, they have to come to court and prove it,” he stated.

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