Chase NPP’s elephant into the bush – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has stated that the defeat of the Republicans in the US elections is a clear indication that their “cousins” in Ghana – the New Patriotic Party (NPP) – will also fall come the December 7 elections.

Addressing the chief and people of Tongo in the Upper East region, President Mahama said the Americans have succeeded in chasing the elephant (the emblem of the Grand Old Party and the NPP) “into the bush and that is significant because its cousin lives here in Ghana. In 2008, when the American elephant was chased into the bush we also chased that elephant into the bush.”

“In 2012 that American elephant has been chased into the bush again so I know on 7th December, its cousin here is going back into the bush,” he stressed when he resumed his campaign in the northern part of Ghana.

He described the NPP as a “desperate” party dying to come to power at all cost.

“God is on our side,” he said. “Our opponents are desperate and so they have resorted to abuse, and publishing false information about us, but what they don’t know is that who Jah bless no man curse.”

He added: “And so come December 7, 2012 I know in my heart and by the grace of God that we are going to win a one-touch victory, and we will continue the good work that was started by our blessed and revered Prof. John Evans Atta Mills.”


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