Sharks Quiz Season 5: Labone SHS vrs Aggrey Memorial

The Sharks Quiz Season 5 is about through with the preliminary stages, and so far the contests have been nothing short of stirring.

In contest 1, episode 5, Labone SHS, Accra, and Aggrey Memorial Zion SHS, Cape Coast, presented themselves as worthy candidates for a Round of 16 slot.

When two schools with relatively no vast credentials in The Sharks Quiz clash, a whiff of excitement adds to the expectations.

Quite apart from that, both schools have something in common, as both Aggrey Memorial and Labone SHS bear similar Latin mottos in their school crest.

Aggrey Memorial’s says – “Semper Optimo Nitere” (Always aim high) while Labone’s submits as- “Primus Semper Aurora” (Always First At Dawn).

That commonality notwithstanding, in The Sharks Quiz, there is ALWAYS that special lustre that gilds one school and makes them illuminate from the other.

In the line-up for this contest, another eye-pleasing  feature showed in the quartet representing these two popular co-ed institutions.

As Aggrey Memorial presented three gentlemen and a lady, Labone SHS did the exact opposite presenting a gentleman and three ladies.

Labone SHS held Aggrey Memorial SHS at arms length throughout this contest to record a creditable win.

Aggrey Memorial( Aggrey Mo) were the first to test the waters as they began the first round with their set of questions.

As is not unusual with newbies in The Sharks Quiz, a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors can militate against a team’s progress.

Aggrey Memorial were noticeably victims of such predicament when their eight set of questions had them staggering.

Luckily for Labone SHS they escaped such travail and weathered the tempest.

Aggrey Memorial SHS ended the first round with twenty(20) points while Labone smiled with fifty(50) points.

Round 2

Both schools gave a strong indication that they take this contest seriously as they quickly effected substitutions to spur them on to victory.

Labone was called into action almost immediately to answer the first question of the round.

The substitutions by the teams appeared to change the complexion of this contest.

They helped their teams to make important strides in this round which culminated in both schools ending the round with twenty(20) points each.

Round 3

This is the round that saw both schools eager to make the most of the round in order to have an edge going into the last round.

Two questions had been directly answered by both schools till Aggrey Memorial bundled what should have been full ten points if they had been a tad circumspect.

Labone displayed great composure to bag Aggrey’s bonus and continued to confidently buzz for their major questions without minding the fear of being penalised for incorrect answers.

The benefit of that risky exercise fortunately for them was thirty(30) points as opposed to Aggrey Memorial’s conservative approach which earned them fifteen(15) points.

Round 4

Labone SHS, if the preceding rounds is anything to go by was comfortably leading this contest and any surprises barred would win it.

But they had to make sure they take at least two questions correctly answered to remove any doubts whatsoever.

For this one-on-one round, Ruth and Bernice for Aggrey Memorial and Labone SHS respectively appeared as the most proficient in English Language.

Bernice took the first question correctly while Ruth took the second question.

For Mathematics, Degraft and Selorm for Aggrey Memorial and Labone SHS respectively took their position as the ‘Sharks’.

Selorm’s attempt on the first question was ruled as not correct allowing Degraft to grab the ten(10) points at stake.

Selorm for the second time buzzed on the second question but he was dismissed again while Degraft got belled out.

Akpabile and Sackey for Labone SHS and Aggrey Memorial in the Science segment set it up nicely.

Sackey got the first question spot on after Akpabile had misfired.

Akpabile also got the second question correct after Sackey had strangely also missed it.

Social Literacy experts were Olivia and Isaiah for Labone SHS and Aggrey Memorial respectively.

Isaiah picked up the photo of Spanish tennis player Raphael Nadal after it appeared he had momentarily mixed it up in his head.

Ghana’s Finance Minister, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta, was an unknown figure to both contestants.

That was how the round ended, with scores in the round showing Aggrey Memorial having forty(40) points while Labone SHS had twenty(20) points.

In the final score, Labone SHS had one hundred and twenty(120) points while Aggrey Memorial had ninety-five(95) points.

Scores at a glance( See infographics below)

The Senior Sharks Season 5 is headlined by Kellogg’s and supported by Indomie, Vivo, Fortune Rice and Schweppes

Academic sponsors are Academic City University College, Ashesi University, Family Health University College, Lewis University, University of the Free State, Moringa School.

Media partners of The Sharks Quiz Season 5 are, TV3, 3news, Pulse Ghana, Kwadwo Sheldon and High Schools Society.

The Sharks Quiz is part of the Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) Foundation.


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